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Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships are allocations of AHRC funded collaborative research studentships made to a museum, library, archive or heritage organization, or group of such organisations to allocate to collaborative projects that support their work and objectives.

The scheme began in 2013 as a development out of the existing successful AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Awards scheme, which most CDP holders actively supported. A second round of Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships will begin in 2015. These partnerships will support students who will start their studies in the academic years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Each CDP studentship is a collaborative doctoral studentship. This means the student is jointly supervised by someone in the University where the student is registered and by someone in the partner organization. Collaboration is the essential feature of these studentships.

The subject matter for the studentship is proposed in advance, and supports the work of the partner organization.

The submit matter of the studentship has to full inside the remit of the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

The studentship is a fully funded AHRC research studentship with funds to cover the student’s tuition fees, maintenance (living costs) and some funds to support research costs. The studentship covers three years of tuition fees and maintenance, with scope for a further six months of funding through a Student Development Fund. These studentships are covered by standard AHRC rules and guidance for research students they fund and support.

Additional financial support is provided for joint activities, training and cohort development for all the students supported by the CDP consortium through a Cohort Development Fund.

Many partner organisations also provide financial support towards the student’s travel etc. to carry out research or attend meetings at the partner (details vary from one partner organization to another).

Proposals for studentships are submitted to the CDP holder, each of whom hold their own selection process to choose the proposals they will support. Proposals are judged on their academic quality and on how well they support the CDP holder’s priorities. Please see individual CDP holders’ websites for details.

Studentships are then advertised to recruit a student, although in some case a named student can be proposed as part of the overall proposal.

Overseas students should check the eligibility rules of the AHRC if they want to apply for a CDP studentship.

Further information about AHRC regulations and guidance about CDP studentships can be found here

The following organisations hold Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDPs) with the AHRC. 

Awards are made up of an annual cohort of studentships for each partner institution, which can be spread across individual or multiple studentship CDA projects.

Science Museum Group
[Includes: Science Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, National Media Museum, National Railway Museum York, National Railway Museum Locomotion Shildon, BT Archives, The Royal Society and The Royal Geographical Society]

Annual studentship cohort: 6 awards
Contact: research@sciencemuseum.ac.uk
Website: http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/research

The British Museum

Annual studentship cohort: 6 awards
Contact: J D Hill, Head of Research JHILL@britishmuseum.org
Website: http://www.britishmuseum.org/research/research_projects/collaborative_doctoral_awards.aspx

[Includes: all Tate museums]

Annual studentship cohort: 5 awards
Contact: Aisla Roberts, Research Manager ailsa.roberts@tate.org.uk

British Library

Annual studentship cohort: 4 awards
Contact: Research.Development@bl.uk
Website: http://www.bl.uk/aboutus/highered/hecollab/collabdoctpar/index.html

Victoria and Albert Museum

Annual studentship cohort: 5 awards
Contact: ahrcresearch@vam.ac.uk

Imperial War Museums

Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
Contact: research@iwm.org.uk

Scottish Heritage Consortium
[Includes: National Museums Scotland, RCAHMS*, Historic Scotland*, National Galleries of Scotland, National Library of Scotland] * Please note RCAHMS and Historic Scotland will merge on 1st October to become Historic Environment Scotland.

Annual studentship cohort: 6 awards
Consortium partners and contacts:

Historic Environment Scotland: Rebeccca Bailey – rebecca.bailey@rcahms.gov.uk  and Alick Leslie – alick.leslie@scotland.gsi.gov.uk
National Museums Scotland: Stuart Allan – s.allan@nms.ac.uk
National Galleries of Scotland: Patricia Allerston – pallerston@nationalgalleries.org
National Libraries of Scotland: Robin Smith – R.Smith@nls.uk

Historic England and English Heritage
Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
Contact: Philip Pollard, Research Partnerships Officer, Philip.pollard@HistoricEngland.org.uk
website: http://www.historicengland.org.uk/research/support-and-collaboration/researchopportunities

The National Football Museum

Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
contact:  Kevin Moore Kevin.Moore@nationalfootballmuseum.com

National Gallery and Bowes Museum Consortium

Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
Contact: Marika Spring, Head of Science/Head of Research marika.spring@ng-london.org.uk


Oxford University Museums
[includes: Ashmolean,  Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Museum of the History of Science]

Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards
contact: Dan Hicks dan.hicks@prm.ox.ac.uk
website: http://www.museums.ox.ac.uk/collaborative-doctoral-studentships

Thames Consortium
[Includes: National Maritime Museum, National Portrait Gallery, The National Archives]

Annual studentship cohort: 3 awards

Sally Archer, Curatorial and Research Planner, National Maritime Museum,  sarcher@rmg.co.uk
Ruth Brimacombe, Associate Curator (Research Coordinator), National Portrait Gallery, rbrimacombe@npg.org.uk
Emma Jay, Research, Grants and Academic Liaison Adviser, The National Archives, emma.jay@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk