****PhD Studentships: List of Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Studentships available for October 2019 start****

List of PhD Collaborative Doctoral Partnership Studentships available for October 2019 start 

Studentships for October 2019 start dates will be advertised from early February 2019 onward.

Historic England & English Heritage

PhD Studentships:

Making marks, changing values: The contemporary significance of graffiti at historic sites English Heritage and the University of York

Shaping bespoke visiting experiences by interpreting the multiplicity of Hadrian’s Wall – English Heritage and Sheffield Hallam University, deadline 26th May 2019

Oxford University Museums

PhD Studentships:

Science in the service of religion? A museum study – University of Oxford History of Science Museum and University College London

The Iron Age to Roman Transition in Britain from the Perspective of Coin Hoards – Ashmolean Museum and the University of Leicester

The evaluation of museum engagement – User Centred Design principles and the development of audience-focussed interpretation – Oxford University Museum of Natural History and University of Warwick, Deadline 29 April 2019

Material Cultures of Refuge in Lebanon – with Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University Museums and UCL, deadline 17 May

Scottish Cultural Heritage Consortium

PhD Studentships:

Unlike a version: the lives of digitised artworks with National Galleries of Scotland and University of Edinburgh – Deadline May 3rd (12pm)


The National Gallery & Bowes Museum Consortium 

PhD Studentships:

New research on the history and technology of materials in paintings and other cultural heritage artefacts using advanced mass spectrometry techniques – with the National Gallery and University of Bristol – Deadline 28th August 2019

Imperial War Museums 

PhD Studentships:

Berlin: British Cold War city, 1945-1994 – Deadline Sunday 5th May

The influence of contemporary culture on young combatants in West Africa (1989-2003), explored through the archives of ‘trans-media’ journalist Tim Hetherington Deadline Sunday 12th May 

Encounters with Empire, 1939-1945 – Deadline 19th May 2019

Thames Consortium [Includes: National Maritime Museum, National Portrait Gallery, The National Archives]

PhD Studentships:

The historic role of missionary societies in shaping children’s understandings of Britain’s place in the world with the National Maritime Museum and UEA – Deadline May 3rd 2019

Cultural Snipers: Photographic Portraiture in Britain, 1970-1990 with the National Portrait Gallery and Birkbeck, University of London – Deadline 10 May 2019

Reconstructing BSE: The Phillips Report, apportionment of blame, and state-individual relations in the making of a modern crisis with The National Archives and the University of Leeds – Deadline 30th August

Sporting Heritage Consortia

PhD Studentships:

An Oral History of Women’s Golf in Scotland, 1945-1995 with The Golf Museum, St Andrews and Glasgow Caledonian University – Deadline 25th July

To be advertised – Bringing heritage assets to life: Tottenham Hotspur, community and memory, 1882 – 2018 with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and University of Hertsfordshire

A socio-political and technical history of the Sports Wheelchair with National Paralympic Heritage Trust and Glasgow University Deadline 17 June 2019


PhD Studentships:

Art and Artistic Practice in the Art Museum: How do these Support Creative Learning within the Primary School? (Tate and the University of Nottingham) – Deadline 31 May 2019

William Blake’s Conversations: Friendships, Networks, Followers (Tate and the University of York) – Deadline 31 May 2019

Picturing Whiteness: Race Representation in the National Collection of British Art, 1700s to Now (Tate and University of the Arts London) – Deadline 31 May 2019


PhD Studentships:

True Colours: The effects of detergent use on the historic interpretation, understanding and conservation of museum textiles with the V&A and Open University – Deadline June 5th 2019

The British Library 

PhD Studentships:

UK digital comics: Writing, reading, publishing, collecting with University of the Arts – Deadline 31st May 2019

UK digital comics: Writing, reading, publishing, collecting with City University of London – Deadline 31st May 2019

North American Indigenous Languages in the British Library’s post-1850 Collections – Deadline April 15th 2019

The Working Life of Scientists: Exploring the Culture of Scientific Research through the Personal Archive of Donald Michie with University of Leeds – Deadline 8th April 2019

Science Museum Group

PhD Studentships:

Song, Mirth, & Music”: Broadcasting before broadcasting – A comparative approach to the history of the Electrophone, 1894-1938, BT Archives and Loughborough University – Deadline 28th June 2019

From London to Mars, and Back to London: People, Objects and the History of UK Space Science, Science Museum and UCL – Deadline 8th July 2019

Eating On The Go: Cultures of Consumption and the Railway in Britain, 1840-1940, National Railway Museum and University of Strathclyde – Deadline May 13th 2019

A Museum within the Museum: The Kodak Collection at National Science and Media Museum, Science and Media Museum and University of Brighton – deadline 27 May 2019

‘Manchester Goods’: Trading a global commodity , Museum of Science and Industry and UEA – Deadline 15th July 2019, Jan 2020 start date

Instruments of scientific governance? Historical geographies of Halley Bay 1956-present, University of Cambridge, RGS-IBG and Royal Society – Deadline May 31st 2019

The British Museum

PhD Studentships:

Reframing Oceania: towards new narratives of the colonial Pacific in the British Museum – With the British Museum and UCL, Deadline April 12 2019

Leather trousers and leopard skin waistcoats: Missing objects and endangered material knowledge in the Kalahari  with the British Museum and University of East Anglia, Deadline May 3rd 2019

Safeguarding museum objects from shock and vibration during transit with the British Museum and University of Southampton – Deadline 28th April 2019

Understanding the Norman Conquest through the Bayeux Tapestry: analysis, interpretation and reception with the British Museum and School of Advanced Study – Deadline 3rd May 2019

Hidden, Revealed: investigating representation and narratives of disability in the British Museum with the University of Leicester and the British Museum – deadline 21 June 2019 

Exhibition Design at the British Museum: Histories and Legacies with the University of Brighton and The British Museum -Deadline 7 May 2019

Exploring economy, society and culture through glass bangles: origins, circulation and cultural impact in the Western Indian Ocean with the University of Kent and the British Museum – Deadline 7th June 2019

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