Call for Papers: AHRC CDP archival research seminar 23rd April at the British Library

Call for Papers: AHRC CDP archival research seminar

Monday 23rd April at the British Library, London

The British Library is hosting a seminar for current AHRC CDP students to share experiences of research based on archives and library collections. We invite proposals for 15-minute ‘work in progress’ papers on CDP projects that involve the use of libraries and archives and/or engage with archival theory or practice.

We envisage having 3 panels at the seminar (with 3 to 4 speakers per panel) chaired by archivists, librarians and curators from across the AHRC CDP consortium. Potential topics for papers would include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Experiences of research across multiple archival institutions
  • Researching collections in international archives or libraries
  • Researching born-digital archives
  • Use of digitised collections (e.g. differences, opportunities and limitations compared with research using the original physical items)
  • Experiences of working with recently acquired or un-catalogued material
  • Serendipity or surprise discoveries in the archive
  • Reflections on archival theory or practice
  • Experiences of creating or compiling new archives, collections, content or data
  • Reflections on public engagement or other dissemination activities arising from archival research

These are only suggestions. We welcome proposals focusing on other areas of archival research or drawing on other aspects of archive- or library-based collaborative PhD projects.

The seminar will also feature a roundtable discussion on Archivists, curators and the research process. This is an opportunity for CDP students and staff from across the CDP consortium to question, critique and discuss the role of archivists and curators in the research process. Areas of potential discussion include:

  • What role to archivists and archival institutions play in actively shaping (and prejudicing?) the research agenda?
  • What power dynamics does the archival research process involve?
  • (How) should archivists and curators be better represented, recognised and cited in archival research processes and outcomes?
  • What is the intellectual contribution and impact of the curator and archivist in the interpretation of the archive?
  • What technologies can support our approaches to archival research?
  • How can curators and archivists support researchers using these new approaches and methods?
  • What does archival research mean in the early twenty first century, and how does this affect our institutions?

To propose a paper for one of the panels, please email providing:

  • Your name, Year of study, HEI and CDP partner organisation
  • The title of your CDP project
  • A 350-word max summary of the paper you would like to present
  • A list of keywords or the main theme(s)/topic(s) that the paper will address

Proposal deadline: 19th March 2018. We aim to select speakers for the panels by 26th March. As the number of slots for students to give papers is limited, we regret that it may not be possible for everyone interested to present on this occasion. If your proposal is not selected, space permitting, you will still be offered a place at the seminar.

Travel expenses for all attendees at the seminar will be reimbursed by the CDP consortium.

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