How to Apply

July onwards – Call for Proposals
Call for Proposals start being sent out by CDP Cultural Organisations, inviting HEIs to become partner organisations for CDP studentships starting in late September/October of the following year.

November – Common deadlines for partner proposals
All the CDP cultural organisations share a common deadline for proposals to be received from HEIs for the new studentships. This is usually the last Friday in November for studentships to start in October of the following year. A similar application form is used across all the CDP holders.

While the final deadline for applications in the end of November, successful applications will usually have been several months in preparation.

Different cultural organisations run their competitions to select the studentships they will support in different ways, and some may have an earlier date to receive expressions of interest. Please see the website of the individual cultural organisations for specific details about their procedures and what they might be specifically looking for in applications.

December to January – Proposal Selection Panels
Once proposals have been made the individual cultural organisations organise their own selection panels to review and agree which applications to support. These selection panels include members from other organisations and HEIs, and are usually run on similar lines to AHRC research grant panels. The panels usually meet in December or early January, with all decisions made by the middle of January.

The AHRC is informed of our decisions as soon as they are made. They then carry out a check that the selected studentships fit the AHRC’s remit and then open a Studentship Proposal Form on the Joint Electronic Submission system (JES). This JES form will be opened in the name of the University co-supervisor, but will need to be filled in by both supervisors and partner organisations. The JES form drives the payment of money from the AHRC to the University.

Once the decisions of the panels have been made and told to the AHRC in January, the partners can start to advertise to studentships to attract the best candidate.

January to March – Applications from individuals to specific studentships
CDP studentships are advertised from January to March, and in some cases later. Details of the studentships and the application process are posted on the CDP website, and those of the collaborating cultural organisation and HEI.

Interviews generally take place around Easter, however the interview process may continue throughout the summer term.

January to July – Studentship agreement
Each studentship will require a formal agreement to be signed by the HEI, the partner cultural organisation, and the student. While a standard CDP studentship agreement is in common use, it can take some time for the two partner organisations to agree specific details.

We recommend that the two organisations start the process of approving the agreements as early as possible once the collaboration has been confirmed, and that it is completed by July, in time for the successful studentship candidate to sign it before their studies start.

September to October – Start of the studentship.
The student then starts their studies in late September or October, the start of the academic year. The CDP consortium organises a meeting for all of the new students across the scheme. We also recommend that the first meeting of both co-supervisors and the students is as early as possible; preferably in the first week of the student’s studies.

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