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Started 2015

Contemporary Art and Conflict at IWM
Clare Carolin

A review of the worldwide effects and impact of Spanish Influenza
Hannah Mawdsley

The IWM and Public Memory of the Second World War
Emily Whitaker

Livestock and Landscape: changing husbandry, livestock improvement and landscape enclosure in late and post-medieval England
Tamsyn Fraser

Teeth and their use for estimating age at death in British Archaeological Remains
Sammy Field

Paving a way for Deaf Heritage
Gemma Shannahan

Thick provenance: interactions between European & local collecting practices refracted through the lens of the mainland Southeast Asia material at the BM
Gumring Hkangda

Object Journeys; Co-production of collections knowledge and display at a national museum
Julia Ankenbrand

Metalwork Deposits in Roman Britain: their social context and implications
Rachael Sycamore

Site-Seeing: Postcards of the Middle East and the Visual Construction of Place, 1890s to 1990s
Seonaid Rogers

Domesticating the Sumerians: contextualising Woolley’s excavations at Ur (1922–1934)
Agnes Tulstrup Henriksen

The impact of sociocultural and environmental change on air quality and respiratory health in the 4th Cataract, Sudan: a bio archaeological perspective.
Anna Barrett

Collecting Renaissance decorative arts and the making of the modern museum, 1850 – 1900
Eloisa Donnelly.

Investigating entity-centric methods for information exploration and discovery in big digital archives
Philip Webster

Vagrancy and Poverty in the Post-Emancipation Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-1900.
Ayshah Johnston

Radical Portraiture 1789-1815
Georgia Haseldine

Portraiture and the British Naval Officer, c.1740–1805
Katherine Gazzard

Chronometry and Chronometers on British Voyages of Exploration, c.1815–c.1872
Emily Akkermans

The History of British Prison Hulks, 1776-1864
Anna McKay

International networks and cosmopolitan science: Geographical Societies and Greenland, c.1880 to 1939?
Peter Martin

Charles Blagden and Banksian Science, 1770-1820 Submitters Reference:
Hannah Wills

The Embroidery Trade in 18th-century France
Tabitha Baker

John Forster (1812-76) and the Making of Victorian Literature
Victoria White

Architectural Models and the Professional Practice of the Architect, 1834–1916
Matthew Wells

Urban Art Forms in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, and their Roles in the Making of Diasporic Identities in Communities in London, United Kingdom
David Malik

Correcting vision in nineteenth-century England: A social, cultural, medical and material history of spectacles
Gemma Almond

Calculating value: using and collecting the tools of early modern mathematics
Kevin Tracey

Electronic Music Studios in musical, commercial and international perspective
Frances Morgan

Meccano: The nuts and bolts of science
Tom Ritchie

Mapping the Historical Growth & Cultural Context of the British Fixed Line Network
Dom Weldon

The Daily Herald: Popular desires and managing the production of photographs
Rebecca Smith

Railways and Commemoration: Anniversaries, Commemorative Cultures and the Making of Railway History
Sophie Vohra

The rise and fall of the Manchester motor industry, 1896-1939
Joshua Butt

Navigating the Canals. Making and Moving Venetian Renaissance Paintings
Benedetta Pacini

The Imagined Made Real: the interaction between sculpture and painting in the work of Carlo Crivelli
Amanda Hillman

Aspects of manufacture, trade and history of the blue pigment smalt and the relationship between its use in painting and other branches of the arts
Matt Tyler

Understanding the Anglo-Saxons: the English and Continental manuscript evidence
Rebecca Lawton

Religious music of South Asia: continuity and change in performance and meaning
Christian Friedrich Poske

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala and constructions of identity in the Anglo-Indian Novel
Pauline McGonagle

The Music of Thea Musgrave: an analysis based on the manuscript sources
Sasha Valeri Millwood

Maps and the Italian Grand Tour, 1660-ca. 1824
Jeremy Brown

Beyond Bloomsbury: Queer, Art, Race, 1900-40
Eleanor Jones

Forms, Strategies and Contexts of Publishing in Modern and Contemporary Art Practice (1960s to the present day)
Karen di Franco

Reporting the Revolution: The Artist as Witness, Critic and Propaganist
Sofia Gurevich

Re-displaying the Modern: A History of Artistic Networks and institutions in the Middle East and North Africa 1947-1989
Amina Diab

The Development and Impact of Artistic Acrylic Paints in the United Kingdom
Patricia Smithen

Clamp or Draw?: Lime kilns, lime provenance and lime kilns as status symbol in the era of high farming in Scotland
Doug Mitchell

Loyal Exchange: the material and visual culture of Jacobite exile, 1716-60.
Sarah Heaton

The Drawings by Joseph Beuys in the Collection of Artist Rooms: Cataloguing, Analysis and Contextualisation
Andrew Symons

The Dounreay Nuclear Establishment and its impact on the Northern Highlands of Scotland
Linda Ross Started 2014

The impact of participating in British counterinsurgency campaigns, 1945-1977, on the psyche of British armed forces personnel
Kathryn Butler

Pacifism and protest: anti-war sentiment in IWM collections
Sabine Grimshaw

Voices of the Cold War
Jessica Douthwaite

Ploughzone archaeology: interpreting loss of data from metal artefact decay (rates, reasons and conservation management implications
Sam Rowe

Westminster on Sea: the political and cultural significance of Osbourne House, Isle of Wight
Lee Butcher

English Office Buildings c.1900 – 1939
Jonathan Clarke

Visualising historic time to integrate data across multiple datasets
Sam Cottrell

Women in Chancery: An analysis of Chancery as a women’s court of redress in 17th century England
Charlotte Garside

Popular Radicalism in the Age of Reform: Government and localities, 1782-1832
Nathan Bend

Scottish Monastic Planning
Christian Clarkson

Sustainable rural settlement in the Post-Mediaval Scottish Highlands
Kimberley Thompson Noble

Democratising Knowledge: Chambers’ Illustrated Encyclopedia 1860-1892
Rose Roberto

The Gallerist as Publisher: a critical history from 1900 to the present
Allan Madden

The production, transmission and reception of engraved and photographic theatrical portraits in the mid-19th century and their contribution to the promoton of celebrity
Tessa Kilgarriff

Authenticity and Attribution in the Agnew’s and National Gallery Archives 1855-1932
Alison Clarke

Making a Market for Art: Agnew’s and the National Gallery, 1850-1944
Barbara Pezzini

2.5D and 3D image capture and printing in the cultural heritage file:evaluation of current and developing technologies, potential applications and practical work-flows
Xavier Aure

The collection, display and reception of fourteenth and fiftheenth-century Sienese paintings in Britain, 1850-1950
Imogen Tedbury

Optimising preservation in the development and use of museum, library and archival collections through applying approaches from operational management
Jessica Stitt

Iron Age metalwork hoards in Britain
Rachel Wilkinson

Collecting in East Africa, 1880 to 1940: From the end of exploration to colonisation and settlement
Alison Bennett

Human behaviour and adaptation during a period of cultural, social and environmental change: the dental anthropology of the inhabitants of the 4th Cataract, Sudan
Rebecca Whiting

The Royal Navy and Colonial Collecting in Australia c. 1820 – 1870
Daniel Simpson

Between Asia and Europe: Mediterranean Networks and island identity on Rhodes,8th to 5th centuries BC
Nicholas Salmon

Ringing the changes: the social significance of finger-rings in Roman Britain
John Ford

Making the Oceans Visible: Science and Technology on the Challenger Expedition (1872-1876)
Erika Jones

Instrumentation and the Magnetic Crusade
Jenny Bulstrode

Family history, place and diaspora
Chandan Mahal

Geography in Dialogue: Print Culture at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) c. 1830 – c.2000
Ben Newman

Scientific Instruments and Expeditionery Science in the Nineteenth Century: Robert Were Fox’s Dip Circle
Matthew Goodman

Picturing Mato Gross, 1967-69: Expeditionary Science and Salvage Fieldwork
Catarina Fontoura

‘‘Our poor, beautiful and culturally rich country” : the contemporary challenge of Brazilian design
Frederico Duarte

‘“Every man well appareled”: men’s fashion and networks of news in early modern European practice and print
Rebecca Unsworth

‘Androgyny and cross-dressing in British pop and performance (c.1967- 1990): a material history’
Lauren Fried

‘Mannequins for the 21st Century’
Paul Sohi

Dollis Hill / Martlesham Heath, Project B: The Research Life of the Established ‘Station’ in the ‘long Cold War’: Analogue and Digital Era
Rachel Boon

Conserving doped fabric aircraft: historic origins; heritage outcomes
Benjamin Regal

Home on the rails: the design, fitting and decoration of train interiors in Britain c.1920-1955
Alison Rees

Danger – High Voltage: the rise of megavolt electricity supply in 20th century Britain
Paul Coleman

Magic Lantern Culture in Britain (1850 – 1920): Exhibition, Reception and Mixed Media Landscapes
Phillip Roberts

Women and the ‘railway family’ (1900- 48)
Hannah Reeves

Investigating the flow of electrical ideas through the instruments of their discovery, from 1800 – 1850
Charlotte Connelly

Dollis Hill Project C: Research Transplanted and Privatised: Post Office/British Telecom R&D in the Digital and Information Era
Jacob Ward

Music, Print, and Culture in the 16th and early 17th Centuries
Elizabeth Bennett

The Russian Revolution: New Centenary Perspectives
Mike Carey

Stefan Zweig literary manuscripts
Pardaad Chamsaz

The Decca Record Company of the 1960s and 1970s: The Legacy of Christopher Raeburn
Sally Drew Gannon

The Russian Revolutions and Civil Wars: Journalism and the Media – 1905-1924
Katie McElvanney

Slavery, Independence and Empire: Britain and Latin America c1791-1888
Joe Mulhern

Islamic Pluralism in the Political History of the Central Sahel: A Critical Study of Arabic Sources for West African History
Paul Naylor

Canonising British Sculpture: Chantrey and the Chantrey Bequest
Amy Harris

Conceptual Art in Britain 1964 – 79
Louisa Lee

Technical Narratives:method, purpose, use and value in the representation and analysis of software based art
Tom Ensom

The History of Performance at the Tate
Acatia Finbow

3 of 4 ‘Creative Communities’ in Art and Design since the 1960s Lessons for Socio-Economic Regeneration in a Globalised World
Jonty Lees

British Sporting and Animal Art 1760 – 1840: A Critical History of its Production, Reception, Collection and Display
Alison Wright

Started 2013

Black British Poetry in Performance
Hannah Silva

British Film Music of the Twentieth Century
Annabel Fleming-Brown

Factories of Trade and Empire’: Basra, Baghdad and the East India Company c.1620-1822.
Peter Good

Literary Translation – Genre, Process and Collaboration
Deborah Dawkin

Provincial Shakespeare Performance & Adaptation
Hannah Manktelow

Aesthetics of the Everyday in Iron Age East Yorkshire
Helen Chittock

Colour in the New Kingdom town: the technology of painted vernacular architecture at Amara West and Tell el-Amarna
Kate Fulcher

Religious and political propaganda on Parthian coins of the second century BC
Alexandra Magub

Sailing the Monsoon Winds in Miniature: Model boats as evidence for Indian Ocean maritime technologies and cultures
Charlotte Dixon

Alabaster Carvings of Medieval England in their Wider Context
Lloyd DeBeer

Miniaturisation and Material Culture in Native North America: A study of concept and practice
Jack Davy

Religious Heritage in Transition: Sikh Places of Worship in England
Clare Canning

Defining the Potential of Ploughzone Lithic Scatters for Interpretation of the Final Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Landscape
Lawrence Billington

Application of Covers to Conserve Historic Marble and Metal Monuments
Melanie Keable

Colonial cultures and encounters of the First World War
Anna Maguire

Noble Frankland and the reinvention of the Imperial War Museum 1960-1982
Rebecca Coll

The Scars of War: London Ruins, Photography and Memory
Jane McArthur

Imperial Thames: London, River and Empire, 1660-1830
Hannah Stockton

The Cultural Worlds of African Palm Oil: trade, consumption and museum collecting in Britain and Nigeria, 1850-1900
Julia Binter

Preventive Conservation in Heritage Collections – from Material Degradation to Decision Making
Puja Bharadia

The experience of war widows and orphans in northern England during the mid-seventeenth century
Helen Worthen

The early National Portrait Gallery and Sir George Scharf: creating an intellectual and professional artistic world, 1770-1909
Elisabeth Heath

Patronage in the Royal Navy 1775-1815
Catherine Beck

Patronage, Acquisition and Display: Contextualising the Art Collections of Longford Castle during the Long Eighteenth Century
Amelia Smith

Sir Philip Hendy (1900-1980) director and scholar in Leeds and London 1934-1967: the acquisition and display of art and curatorial practices in ages of austerity
Ana Baeza

Expeditionary Film, Geographical Science and Media Culture
Jan Faull

Instruments of Exploration: Technologies of Geographical Enquiry, c.1860–c.1939
Jane Wess

Britain’s Railways in the Great War, 1914-1918
Tanya Kenny

Food Miles: the Imaginings, Politics and Practices of Food Distribution in the UK, ca 1920-1975
Thomas Spain

Spaces of industrial heritage: a history of uses, perceptions and remaking of the Liverpool Road Station site, Manchester
Erin Beeston

Representations ofFlight: The Eighteenth Century Imagination and Modern Collections
Caitlin Doherty

Building an empire: corporate vision and the global geographies of infrastructure
Noeme Santana

Making germs real: creating, performing and learning about a dangerous invisible thing in the public sphere, c.1860-1930
Laura Newman

‘Research is the door of tomorrow’: the networks and culture of the Post Office Research Stations, Dollis Hill and Martlesham, c. 1910-1983
Alice Haigh

2016: Media in the First World War
Emily Marsden

Evaluation of cements and other constituents in historically-significant concrete structures in Scotland
Simeon Wilkie

Scotland’s Early Stone Castles, c1050 – 1350
Will Wyeth

Memory practices and the construction of the national inventory of Scotland
Richard Sobolewski

Reassessing the Scottish Mesolithic-Neolithic transition: Questions of diet and timing
Jessica Bownes

David Sylvester: Writings about Art
James Finch

Circuit: Investigating partnerships between visual arts and youth organisations
Nicola Sim

Modern British Oils: history, formulation and use
Judith Lee

The ‘unnatural’ landscape: visualisations of the urban scene, 1800-1850
Amy Concannon

Barbara Hepworth: Practice, Interpretation, Legacy
Helena Bonnett

2nd of group of 4 ‘Creative Communities’ in Art & Design since the 1960s: Lessons for Socio-Economic Regeneration in a Globalized World
Hazel Afsoneh Atashroo

A study of the conservation of polymeric materials in museum collections using advanced surface science and surface analysis techniques
Anna Fricker

The Silent Revolution. The technological agency of paper in the early modern culture: A study across Italy and England
Maria Alessandra Chessa

Performance, Procession and Display in the Medieval Church 1200-1500
Zoe Boden

The World Theatre Season and the Internationalisation of the British Stage
Helen Gush

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