Global Voices in the Archive

CDP students: Deborah Dawkin (BL/UCL), Peter Good (BL/Essex) and Katie McElvanney (BL/QMUL)

On 21 March 2016, the ‘Global Voices in the Archive’ workshop and conference took place at the British Library. This very well-attended event was organised by three current CDP students, Deborah Dawkin, Peter Good and Katie McElvanney, all of whom also presented papers. Delegates included current and past CDP students (who made up the panels), academics from a variety of institutions and members of the British Library staff. Dr Tom Overton delivered the keynote speech, addressing the theme of migration in the archive as explored in the first generic accutane difference chapter of his forthcoming book, The Good Archivist. The research presented during the panels was wide-ranging, with papers moving from the place of Armenian translators in the East India Company to the translation of spoken word performances. The day concluded with a roundtable discussion, during which current and past CDP students reflected on their use of archives and archival material. The conference was enjoyed by all and has led Deborah Dawkin and Peter Good to organise another, more comprehensive, conference, ‘The Translator made Corporeal’, which will be held at the British Library on 8 May 2017.

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