Previous Training Opportunities for First Year CDP Students

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We are very pleased to offer currrent First Year CDP students an opportunity to participate in our Training sessions in London which have been designed to help you develop the research skills needed for research within museums, archives, galleries and heritage organisations.  Last years’ programme is detailed below.  The programme for 2015/16 will be announced shortly.

Wednesday 4 March at the British Museum  –  Researching Objects and Material Culture

This training module led by the British Museum and English Heritage introduced students to some of the issues they will confront when they research and use objects in museums and other collections for their Ph.D.’s.  It is not just for archaeologists, art historians

or historians but for anyone who might interrogate or ask questions of or about material culture.

Thursday 5 March at the National Gallery  –  Approaches to Object-based Scholarship in the Art Museum

This training module led by the National Gallery, Tate and the National Portrait Gallery offered students the opportunity to think about diverse approaches to object-based scholarship as it relates to their collections.  It included sessions on paintings as physical objects, broader cataloguing generic accutane manufacturers issues (provenance, iconography etc.) and working with and navigating on-line archives of collections information.

Thursday 5 March at the National Archives –  Researching Archives and Documents

This training module  led by the National Archives introduced students to the issues involved in researching archives and documents using case studies and examples based on their own collection.

Friday 6 March at the National Maritime Museum –  Challenging Histories 

This training module led by the National Maritime Museum and Imperial War Museums introduced students to the role of the heritage sector in covering histories that involve challenging or sensitive issues.  Two national museums  discussed their own experiences with the aim of encouraging student reflection upon how similar issues can impact their own work.

Friday 10 July at the British Museum and British Library – Copyright, Intellectual Property, Open Access and Ethics in the Cultural and Heritage Sectors

This module led by the British Museum and The British Library introduced students to the issues and challenges surrounding copyright, intellectual property, open access and ethics that they are likely to encounter as part of their research.




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