CDP Student Led Activity – The All-Seeing Eye: Vision and Eyesight Across Time and Cultures – 11th April 2018 Swansea University

The All-Seeing Eye: Vision and Eyesight Across Time and Cultures Tickets, Wed, 11 Apr 2018 at 09:30

This workshop will explore medical, social, and cultural meanings of the eye and vision in contemporary and historical perspective. Vision has often provoked fascination within societies and cultures as the most revered sense. In Western Europe, the eye has been viewed scientifically as the most ‘exquisite’ organ, or spiritually as a ‘window to the soul’. These positions have had an influence on how the eye has been perceived, both as a vital organ and, by implication, one that needed to be protected. Whilst the eye could bring delight to its holder, and be symbolic in a variety of ways, it could also, when lost, incur significant impairment.

Registration for the event is free, and a select number of student bursaries for travel and accommodation are available thanks to the support of the AHRC CDP Student Led Activity Fund and the Royal Historical Society (please express your interest on the booking form and contact Gemma Almond for details on either: or

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